Downtown Nixa Mark Anderson

Downtown Nixa Mark Anderson

Mark Anderson owns and operates multiple construction businesses which service Missouri and the Tri-State area. Outside of his career, Mark is a thrill-seeking adventurer. He is an experienced pilot and skydiver who loves to hike and travel.

As a life-long resident of Missouri, Mark has enjoyed serving his fellow citizens through rebuilding and revitalizing his communities. Continue reading to learn more about Mark’s life, career, and passions.

Mark Anderson Early Life and Today

Downtown Nixa Mark Anderson was born on March 26th, 1978 in Springfield, Missouri. Known as the birthplace of Route 66, he grew up in Springfield with his parents and two brothers.

He excelled at school – specifically, school sports. As an active child, Mark played every sport he could from grade school to high school. 

Mark Anderson has stayed active throughout his adult life. He enjoys hunting and fishing and has competed in both the Fishing League Worldwide tournament and the Bass Fishing League.

Today, Mark lives in Nixa, Missouri, which is only a thirty-minute drive from his hometown. He lives there with his wife Pamala and three children: his daughter Hailey, stepdaughter Megan, and stepson Kendal. 

Downtown Nixa Mark Anderson Career Experience

Downtown Nixa Mark Anderson has had a long and successful career in construction, renovation, and property development. As a member of the Springfield Contractors Association, his businesses have served so many Missourians. And through his continued success, their reach has exponentially expanded into the wider Tri-State area.

On-Side Construction LLC

Mark Anderson is the owner of On-Side Construction LLC, a utility construction company, which services the wider Missouri and the Tri-State area. On-side Construction specializes in communication utility installation, and also installs electric, water, sewer, and gas utilities. 

Due to On-Side’s success, Mark has taken steps to expand his business. Recently, Mark started a new business, On-Side Franchise LLC, with the hope to franchise On-Side Construction. 

Development in Downtown Nixa

As a resident of Downtown Nixa Mark Anderson has brought his experience in construction and development to the downtown area. He is the President and Founder of the Nixa Downtown Revitalization Committee (501c3), which hopes to reclaim the historic area for their community.

Mark is also a member of the Nixa Chamber of Commerce, which aims to promote business and economic development in Nixa. 

His businesses cover all areas of property construction: acquisition, building, and renovation. HaiNic Properties LLC acquire new properties and build in the downtown area. Hideaway Development LLC builds and develops in Downtown Nixa and the wider area. 

While new development is important, Downtown Nixa Mark Anderson feels that preservation is just as important. His business Right Direction Property LLC focuses on historical renovations in Downtown Nixa.

Passions And Hobbies

In addition to hunting and fishing, Mark Anderson has found a love for sailing through the skies. As a member of the United States Parachute Association, Mark is an experienced skydiver. Outside of his construction work, Mark has found time to be a skydiving instructor.

As a professional skydiver, he has competed both nationally and internationally. He holds 11 state records, 6 national and 6 world records.

But he doesn’t just fall out of planes! He also flies them. Downtown Nixa Mark Anderson is an experienced pilot. He is a member of the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, and a member of the Experimental Aircraft Association.

In his free time, Mark enjoys spending time in the skies. He owns two private planes: a Cirrus SR22 and a Cessna 172. 

Mark Anderson also scratches that itch for adventure beyond the state borders of Missouri. He enjoys traveling, scuba diving, hiking, and camping wherever and whenever he can.

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